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Troubleshooting - Upload Failed / No Network Connection
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you receive the following message indicating that a document failed to upload to your Office 365 account from one of the Microsoft Office applications installed on your computer and you receive an additional error indicating No Network Connection when attempting to sign in, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.



Click OK to dismiss the window and return to Word (or Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Click Help, Check for Updates


This will open Microsoft AutoUpdate.


The option to Automatically Download and Install is selected by default, however it's possible that the updates that address this issue hasn't been installed yet. If you have the option selected to Manually Check for updates, you will need to manually run the updater to install the software updates to correct this issue.

Click the button to Check for Updates and you will be presented with any updates available to the Microsoft Office applications installed on your computer.


Click Install to begin the download and installation. You can continue using the Microsoft Office applications while the updater is downloading files. Once the applications are ready to be updated, you will be prompted to close any of the applications if they are still running.

Once the update completes, you should be able to sign back in to your Office 365 account.

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