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How can I have a building calendar on my phone
Last Updated 6 years ago

Here is the solution to the resource calendar issue for staff members and their mobile devices. While it is true that the native mobile apps are not able to view the calendars, they are still able to be viewed via the web browser on the device. For example, if you configure the calendars that you want to see on your computer in the web portal, they will then be available in the web portal on your mobile device. If you have an iPhone you can even save the website to your Home Screen and it will be available anytime you want to use it without having to enter anything into a web browser. The only thing to note is that these will not be available in an offline mode, internet connectivity would be required. I don’t see that as being a problem since we have brought up a staff network to use in places where cell reception may not be available.

Basic Overview for an iPhone:
  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to and login
  3. Select the Calendar icon from the bottom of the screen
  4. The three lines in the top left will bring a slide out to allow you to select the different calendars to view that you have setup previously in the portal on your computer
  5. Select the Safari sharing icon from bottom of the screen and choose “Add to Home Screen”
  6. Any changes within the web portal on your computer will be reflected on the mobile device as soon as it refreshes

The mobile device native apps can still be used for everything else, but this does provide a solution to being able to see all building resource calendars

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